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Our latest ultra-rapid EV charging station opens in Barnwartha North, VIC.

Our Ultra-rapid EV charging network has expanded with the opening of a second ultra-rapid charging station in Barnawartha North Victoria, capable of delivering 400km of range in only 15 minutes and backed up by 100% renewable energy.

Marty Andrews, Chargefox CEO said, "The new charging station is a significant milestone, enabling electric vehicle drivers to travel from Melbourne to Victoria’s high country, or to the NSW Riverina Murray region without any long charging stops."

Behyad Jafari, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council said, "The introduction of Australia’s first public charging network is a significant milestone to the broader goal of mass adoption of electric vehicles. Every Australian would benefit from a pivot to electric vehicles. Our cities could have cleaner, quieter roads, drivers could be spared the unpredictability of the petrol bowser and the nation wouldn’t be dependent on foreign fuel imports. Chargefox’s network is a key piece of the puzzle for Australia to accelerate from the back of the global pack."

The Barnawartha North station was designed and built using local expertise including Shepparton-based Watters Electrical, local Wodonga businesses Excell Gray Bruni and EDM Group for civils and planning, and East Albury’s Enviro Culture Services for landscaping.

Andrews continues, "One of the great pleasures of this project has been working with local builders and suppliers. They know the area and have brought great skill and expertise to the construction. It’s great that we can contribute to the local economy in this way."

Bryce Prosser, RACV Public Policy General Manager, said, "Chargefox’s network is an innovation we’ve needed in Australia for some time, so it’s exciting to see it reach this new milestone. A reliable electric vehicle charging network is critical to ensure our members can travel more confidently in their electric vehicles. Chargefox’s network means electric vehicle owners will finally be able to travel long distances between cities without worrying about either running out of charge or spending hours waiting for a recharge."

With an additional 20 ultra-rapid charging stations in development, the Chargefox network will soon connect Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, as well as having additional stations in Western Australia and Tasmania. This will make electric vehicle charging faster and easier for all Australians and support efforts to bring Australia’s vehicle emissions in line those of the USA and Europe.

Andrews concludes, "We’re helping Australia transform from being a global laggard in transport innovation to having only the third ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging network in the world. Our new Barnawartha North station is the next stepping stone on our journey to connect Australia’s major cities for the thousands of drivers using efficient, clean electric vehicles."

Ultra-rapid charging stations soon to be available for all modern electric vehicles (EVs)

Australian start-up, Chargefox Pty Ltd has successfully raised $15 million to enable it to commence building Australia's largest open, ultra-rapid network of charging stations for electric vehicles.

The funding has come from a combination of sources including investment from The Australian Mobility Clubs (NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC, RAA and RACT), Wilson Transformers and the founder of Carsales, Greg Roebuck, and grants from Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Victorian Government.

These ultra-rapid charging stations will be open to all EVs and charging time will be quicker, with up to 400km of range delivered in 15 minutes. The chargers will be capable of power output of at least 150kW and up to 350kW, which will be the fastest of any charger currently available in Australia.

"Chargefox is committed to sustainable mobility. Our network of ultra-rapid charging stations will play a significant part in improving the infrastructure of this country and remove one of the major barriers that limits the adoption of EVs. The charging stations will enable all modern EV drivers to confidently drive between Australia’s major cities," said Marty Andrews, CEO, Chargefox.

In the initial rollout, Chargefox plans to secure 21 locations for the network and the first stations located in Euroa and Barnawartha North, Victoria.

Anyone who has an EV, or is considering purchasing one, can now download the Chargefox App and easily find hundreds of charging stations available across Australia and New Zealand. The Chargefox App also allows consumers to conveniently use and pay for charging via their mobile phone.

Marty added, "Chargefox has a vision that one day 100% of road transport will be powered by renewable energy and from day one our ultra-rapid chargers will be accessible to all Australian drivers."

Victoria state gov delwp
Victorian Government adds more rapid charging network infrastructure

Chargefox has received a $1 million grant from the Victorian Government to fund installation of the world’s latest technology for electric vehicle charging stations.

The ultra-rapid stations will be capable of charging at up to 350kW, which can potentially add over 400km of range to an electric vehicle in 15 minutes. They will be the fastest of any charger currently deployed in Australia.

The funding will be used to install multiple stations across two different sites, located in Euroa and Barnawartha North near Wodonga.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily d’Ambrosio said today:

"Electric vehicles are the future, and we're doing everything possible to make them a real option for Victorians."

With many manufacturers bringing new electric vehicles coming to market in the next year, including Jaguar Land Rover, Hyundai and Audi, Chargefox hopes these stations will help Victorians feel more comfortable choosing to buy an EV as their next car, and to take the opportunity to tour regional Victoria as a result.

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Collaborating with local government to install charging stations

The City of Adelaide provides critical infrastructure and incentives to encourage electric and low-emission vehicle use. As part of this initiative Chargefox is managing the charging and payment processing for public EV charging stations in the Adelaide CBD.