Electric vehicle charging made easy.
For drivers, find a nearby station to charge while you’re out and about.

For businesses, make sure EV drivers know where your station is, and make money from your investment.
For Drivers
You’re in Charge

Find a nearby charging station, and plug in. Manage your charge through the app, and get back on the road. It’s that simple.

Chargefox is Australia's largest open, electric vehicle (EV) network for modern EV's. Use the Chargefox app on your phone to find, use and pay for charging, wherever you are.

Payment is simple: simply link a credit card to the app, you’ll be billed after each charging session. Billing is completely secure, and no credit card details are stored with Chargefox.

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Partnering to build EV infrastructure for the smart grid
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Collaborating with local government to install charging stations
The City of Adelaide provides critical infrastructure and incentives to encourage electric and low-emission vehicle use. As part of this initiative Chargefox is managing the charging and payment processing for public EV charging stations in the Adelaide CBD.
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Working with energy retailers to reduce demand
AGL has worked with Chargefox to support EV owners as part of their Peak Energy Rewards program. Drivers are rewarded for allowing AGL to remotely pause their car charging at times when the electricity grid might need some extra support.
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Utilising scale with the Warehouse Group to build EV infrastructure in New Zealand
In 2017 The Warehouse Group began installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at many of their stores across New Zealand. Chargefox is managing the stations and enabling drivers to charge their EV for free! The goal is to make EV charging infrastructure highly visible to large numbers of shoppers and encourage to consumers thinking about switching to EV.
And many more…
Chargefox is written on Open Charge Point Protocol, which means that you can use any "OCPP" enabled charging station. No lock in contracts and maximum flexibility is applied in this way.

Chargefox is also compliant with Australian privacy laws, because our software is hosted on Australian soil, which is required under law. Overseas software providers (everyone else in the market), has servers overseas, which means your data is subject to that country's laws, not ours.
For Business Owners
Get the most out of your investment

Chargefox has been designed to be easy to use for both you as the "site host" and for your customers or employees.

Use the Chargefox dashboard to:

  • View amount of electricity consumed
  • See live status of all charging stations under your control
  • View utilisation numbers
  • View charged time and parked time
  • Calculate costs for electricity consumption
  • Calculate revenue earned
  • Export data on a session by session basis

Having the relevant data is key in ensuring you don't overspend on infrastructure, or under-invest in much needed facilities.

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